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SeriesGunboat has spent the past three years developing its 4th generation series. With each new series, our designs incorporate the hard won lessons from each prior series and customer. Gunboat’s database of weight calculations and results, sail inventories and selection charts, successful design ratios, and catalogs of prior projects is a wealth of information that only Gunboat possesses. As the creator of the high performance world cruising catamaran segment, we have focused exclusively on this segment. Our history and experience allow us to continue to develop the world’s leading high performance cruising cats. With pleasure and pride, we currently offer our new Gunboat series at 55, 60, & 78.

Custom: As with our Gunboat 90’, we will accept custom projects that match the philosophy and goals of Gunboat. Both of our facilities can handle up to 130’. Please contact company founder Peter Johnstone directly for custom inquiries.