Gunboat G4

Gunboat G4



1ST TO FINISH: Stomp on maxis, superyachts, and any grand prix race-boat in sight. The GUNBOAT G4 offers Formula 40 speeds in an easy to handle and forgiving weekender. Unless your fleet includes an AC72, an ORMA 60 or a MOD70, your competition will only see your transoms, which is why your G4 comes clearly marked. You'll be the envy of everyone on the ICW, with the fastest boat that will fit under the bridges.

LARGE COMFORTABLE COCKPIT & MAIN SALON: Upon return, you will have time to shower, nap, and plan the post-race gathering. Your friends will be drawn to the spacious and comfortable cockpit. The salon offers comfortable seating with ample headroom when seated. The galley island, complete with two burner stove top, 100 litre fridge drawer, and sink, is centrally located to entertain. The slide-out coffee tables atop the galley are provided to display your new trophies.

CRUISE HOME IN COMFORT & SPEED: The GUNBOAT G4 features two queen berths located outboard in the main salon. With panoramic top-deck views, abundant ventilation, and a generous sense of space, these may be the best berths shy of the GUNBOAT 90. With guests aboard, deploy the dual privacy curtains. Kids will love the single berths in their own private hulls. Everyone will appreciate the enclosed head with standing headroom. At GUNBOAT G4 speeds, covering longer distances in daylight is easy.

DAY-SAILING WITH FRIENDS: The GUNBOAT G4 is simple and easy to sail. At only 2.4 tons, the G4 has light loads. Sails can be hoisted by hand with no need for complex powered equipment. Friends will find their perfect space whether on the helm, on the spacious cockpit seats, or in the protected salon with unobstructed views. Ample storage space in the bows allows for easy access to all your toys. With room for kite boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and SUP gear, you'll be able to keep everyone onboard entertained.

SHOAL DRAFT: When you arrive at your cruising destination, you will feel at ease, knowing that the GUNBOAT G4 draws less than 1'. With rudders, daggerboards, and props all fully retracted, you'll be free to skim over skinny waters and anchor with the bows on the beach.

WORLD CLASS TEAM: The GUNBOAT G4 is a special collaboration. Conceived by GUNBOAT, the DNA Design Team from Holland has drawn the G4's extraordinary lines. DNA is best know for the two-time World Champion DNA A-Class catamaran. As the dominant design team in the most prolific development class, the DNA team designed and built A-Class cats for nearly every top America's Cup sailor for training. HOLLAND COMPOSITES will build the pre-preg carbon G4 in their immaculate high tech facility.


1. T-FOIL RUDDERS: The rudders feature foils at their tips. The foils lock in the boat to reduce pitching in a seaway and securely hold the bows up when pressed downwind.

2. C-FOIL DAGGERBOARDS: When you achieve a 2.4 ton displacement, lifting foils make a significant contribution to performance. The C-foil daggerboards provide lift, reduce drag, and keep things safe when pressed downwind. Thanks to their symmetric shape, both foils can be left down. There is no need to raise or lower the boards when tacking or jibing.

3. CENTRAL SPINE CREATES LOW WINDAGE: We are fond of wedding cakes, but a cat cannot perform when it looks like one. Windage with such a design is akin to driving a car with the hand-brake engaged. The GUNBOAT G4 utilizes a central structural spine to handle the rig loads. The spine enables a low-slung pilothouse with minimal windage, which greatly reduces drag and increases performance.

4. EVERY OUNCE COUNTS! At this size, weight is key to performance. The GUNBOAT G4 is ALL CARBON and ALL PRE-PREG EPOXY, post-cured in an oven for added strenth. The Nomex honeycomb core is the lightest available. Every piece of the composite platform and rig is CARBON.

5. MAINSAIL CONTROL SYSTEM: A light cat requires easy control of the mainsail. The helmsman trims the mainsheet with foot-pedal hydraulic pumps, and eases with the push of a button. The GUNBOAT G4 is the first high-performance cat to allow such short-handed control and safety.

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LOA 12.14 39.82
LWL 12.14 39.82
BOA 6.78 22.24
Beam On Centerline 6.10 20.00
Draft BD Down 2.14 8.00
Draft BD Up 0.46 1.50
Mast Clearance 19.36 63.50
Displacement Lightship 2400 kg 5280 lbs
Displacement Max Load 3000 kg 6614 lbs
Standing Headroom 1.83 6.00
Hull Width 1.01 3.31
Bridge Deck Clearance 0.68 2.23
Water Capacity 75 L 20 Gal
m2 sq ft
MAIN-high aspect with two big reefs 70 753
SOLENT-self-tacking, fully battened, hanked on, with a reef point 33 350
J1 'Blade'-furler and torsional luff cable 65 700
A3-large and light code sail, top down furler and torsional cable 130 1250


  • Yamaha 20hp retractable outboard on centerline
  • Lithium ion battery bank 200 amp hours at 24V
  • 800W Solar system
  • Flexible walk-on solar panels on salon roof
  • Optional range-extending generator
  • Sailing electronics
  • Conventional bulkhead card compass
  • LED strip lighting
  • LED navigation lights
  • Tiller autopilot system
  • 100 liter capacity SS fridge drawer
  • Origo two-burner alcohol stove
  • Galley sink with 14 gallon tank, foot pump and spigot
  • Vanity sink: 6 gallon tank, foot pump and spigot
  • Solar shower for use on aft steps
  • Thetford "Curve" toilet and holding tank
  • Emergency manual bilge pumps (x2)
  • Protected salon, seated headroom
  • Queen-sized beds on either side of central seating area with privacy enclosure
  • Single berth in each hull amidships
  • Galley island top slides open to form two coffee tables
  • Abundant storage throughout for gear and toys
  • Head and sink with standing headroom under open lazarette hatch
  • Functional and ergonomic cockpit for sailing or relaxing
  • Settees along sides and across the aft end
  • Open aft end enclosed by Strataglass panels or optional screens
  • Roller furl awning extends from boom

  • All pre-preg carbon construction with Nomex honeycomb. Vacuum bagged and post cured.
  • Collision bulkheads forward and aft.
  • All carbon spars
  • Rotating carbon fiber wing mast and boom