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We are proud of all of our work. The GUNBOAT series at 48, 55, 60, 62 and 66 and the custom GUNBOAT 78 and 90 have become the standard by which all performance world cruising catamarans are judged. A GUNBOAT 66 easily beat the world’s largest keelboat in the Rolex TransAtlantic Race. Owners regularly gather to compete in Caribbean Regattas. Magazines have rewarded these models. Our earlier series have logged over two million sea miles and have proven to be among the world’s best options for world cruising. When these series were designed between 2000-2007, there was no database for this market segment. Gunboat established this segment, and has excelled. Our early work has confirmed that our materials and safety margins are appropriate for world cruising. Occasionally one of these ocean crossing greyhounds becomes available for resale. Please enjoy reviewing our work and let us know if a pre-owned GUNBOAT interests you.

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