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Gunboat 6803 Paint Reveal

It was a huge day at the yard and the team had a lot to celebrate on this big moving day, as 6803 and 6804 switched places in the paint booth. On top of that, the clear sunny day lent to capturing some photos of the Gunboat factory within the setting of La Grande-Motte - our [...]

Factory Tour with Loïck Peyron

Step inside the Gunboat factory! Gunboat COO William Jelbert and Loïck Peyron talk shop and take a look at 6803, 6804 and 6805 in various stages of production. Gunboat 68 Videos:

Balance of Power (Seahorse Magazine – Feb 2020)

When it comes to energy systems, Gunboat's William Jelbert talks about what it means to build the most efficient boat possible in this feature for Seahorse Magazine. "When designing a lightweight cruising catamaran we are faced with some tricky problems to solve: conventional propulsion or hybrid, how much solar and hydro generation, how big to [...]

Shooting the Breeze, at the Dusseldorf Boat Show!

We're in Dusseldorf to talk about your sailing plans and share the latest news from Gunboat. Two Gunboat 68s out cruising the world; Production of 6803, 6804 and 6805; fleet cruising trends; events including the upcoming Gunboat Rendezvous and more. Schedule a meeting or find us at Hall 15 / B41.2 View this email in your browser [...]

Top 10 in 2019 – Countdown to 2020

Counting down with some of the top moments of 2019 to ring in the new year! See them all together here. View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward Share CELEBRATING 2019, with #GunboatTop10 Happy New Year from all of us at Gunboat! We're so appreciative to the Gunboat family and all of our [...]

Gunboat News – December 2019

Happy Holidays from Gunboat! Reflections & Celebrations: Looking back and looking forward with equal excitement and gratitude. View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward Share Happy Holidays from all of us at Gunboat! Gunboat 68 DASH shares a photo sailing along the coast of Spain, on one of their first cruising adventures. Reflections [...]

Figaro Nautisme – Gunboat 68 Review

GUNBOAT 68: Cruising in a Private Jet "Breathtaking design, perfectly rigid full carbon chassis, out of scale performances and up to scale prices, the Gunboat concentrates every marker of the most exclusive brands..." Read the GUNBOAT 68 review by François Tregouet in the special issue of Figaro Nautisme - Collection 2020. Click for the full edition [...]

On a Roll! Build Milestones on 6803 & 6804

La Grande-Motte, France October 22nd, 2019 The first two Gunboat 68s are off on sailing adventures while 6803 & 6804 move right along with these most recent build milestones. All in a day’s work. Gunboat 6803:  The hull and deck were rolled outside the factory, and the deck was picked up from the frame and [...]

The Double Debut – Cannes and Newport

September 2019 marked the public debut of the Gunboat 68 simultaneously at two boat shows - with 6801 CONDOR in Newport and 6802 DASH in CANNES! Referred to "The Superstar" of the top boats to see at Cannes, and deemed Best New Sailboat at NIBS by the judges of Cruising World, Sailing World, and Yachting magazines [...]

Gunboat 68 News – September 2019

The launch of 6802 DASH, Boatbuilding updates from the factory, and the 68's debut at the Newport & Cannes Boat Shows. ⛵️⛵️ Click to read - Gunboat 68 News - September 2019

NYYC 175th Anniversary Regatta

July 15th-20th, 2019 Four Gunboats participated in the New York Yacht Club’s celebratory 175th Anniversary Regatta, with 5 days of racing and an entire week of on-shore celebrations. For a few years now Gunboats have been an established part of the scene at the New York Yacht Club and we love seeing the fast carbon cats [...]

Gunboat 68 CONDOR’s Debut at the Races

NYYC 175th Anniversary Regatta, July 2019 While the NYYC clocked 175 years during their Anniversary Regatta this year, the new Gunboat 68 CONDOR made her racing debut. In a fun collaboration, the core of team Bronco along with ex-Elvis pros Anthony Kotoun and Scotty Bradford joined CONDOR’s owners and crew, along with Spike Abram on [...]

Cruising Along: The Launch of the 2nd Gunboat 68

La Grande-Motte, France July 26th, 2019 On July 23rd, Gunboat launched the second boat of the new Gunboat 68 design from the factory in La Grande Motte, France – just over six months after launching Gunboat 6801 CONDOR. “We’re thrilled to be presenting Gunboat 68 DASH to her owners and to the world, with this [...]


Article #10 in our series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68. Its January in La Grande Motte, with the Gunboat team out hoisting sails and loading up Gunboat 6801 for the first time. Blowing 12kts true, under full main, the J0 goes up and CONDOR immediately accelerates to match the wind speed of [...]

MULTIHULLS WORLD – Gunboat 68 Review (by Philippe Echelle, April/May Issue, 2019)

"When a cruising catamaran becomes a work of art" - GUNBOAT 68 review by Philippe Echelle in the April/May issue of Multihulls World Magazine - full article available at Multihulls World. Read more about the Gunboat 68: Blue Water Sailing August 2002: Cape Hatteras to PortAmerican Yacht Review 2002/2003: TRIBELoad more

April 2019 Newsletter

Videos of the first Gunboat 68, updates from the factory, & racing and cruising adventures from around the world! Click to read - GUNBOAT Newsletter - April 2019

News from the Nest – Sea Trials of Gunboat 68 CONDOR

Testing the first boat of a series is thrilling - everything is being done for the first time. You see the sail fit and trim, you notice the line leads onto the winches, you experience the hulls carving through the water. We are systematic in our testing process: Slow, steady and increasing in gradual steps [...]

Gunboat Brokerage

Day sail, cruise the world, race...or how about all three? Gunboat Brokerage is excited to announce that, with a couple of new private listings, we currently have models that meet the requirements of every type of program - And there’s never been a better time to join the Gunboat family! Straight to the Source We [...]

Press Release: Gunboat 6801 Launch

La Grande-Motte, France January 17th, 2019 January 16th marked a key milestone for the Gunboat team, as they rolled the first Gunboat 68 out of the factory to the marina for her first splash and mast stepping on January 17th. Since the brand was acquired by Grand Large Yachting in 2016, the newest Gunboat series [...]


Article #9 in our series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68. Imagine being on a passage, standing a solo night watch. You’re at the helm, comfortably protected from the elements, controlling just how much by opening the doors or the moonroof. From a central helm station, with a 360 view of the horizon [...]


Article #8 in our series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68. When a Gunboat sails into an anchorage people stop what they’re doing. Heads turn and mouths open - It’s part of the joy of owning one! First impressions are important but so is the view from two feet away, from any angle. [...]

August 2018 Newsletter

A look at two Gunboat 68s in production at the new factory & racing and cruising adventures around the world! Click to read - GUNBOAT Newsletter - August 2018

Moving Day! Gunboat 68 Hulls #1 and #2 cross paths at the yard…

August 6, 2018 New production photos and drone footage! Gunboat 68s Hull #1 and Hull #2 were sighted crossing paths at the factory in La Grande Motte, France. 68-01 headed to the paint booth to become metallic silver! 68-02 came out of the molds and began fairing and systems layouts. We're proud to share these [...]


Article #7 in our series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68. The new Gunboat 68’s rig is one of the most performance-critical parts of the boat - a network of high-aspect and super-strong components working in carefully engineered compression and tension. It is designed to deliver a finely balanced and highly optimized sailing system. We [...]


Article #6 in our series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68. When awaiting the completion of a new Gunboat, it’s natural to obsess about sailing her – the thrill of helming a performance cat on an evening sail, a regatta, or a voyage around the world. You imagine the balance and responsiveness through [...]


Article #5 in our series about the design and build of the Gunboat 68. When imagining setting sail on your Gunboat 68, a topic that comes up (usually quite far down the list after 20+ knot boat speeds and watching sunsets from remote anchorages!) is how smoothly the inner workings of your boat will function. Although one [...]

April 2018 Newsletter

Caribbean racing, world cruising, Gunboat 68 news, tours of the all-new factory, La Grande Motte boat show, and more! Click to read - GUNBOAT Newsletter - April 2018

Gunboat Factory & Gunboat 68-01 (drone preview)

Take a flight around the area of the all-new Gunboat factory in La Grande Motte, France, and see GUNBOAT 68-01 moving into a new stage of production. Stay tuned for progress on the build and a look inside the factory!


Alongside production of 6801, so far in our series of articles we have looked at the hulls talking about exterior design and the strength of the internal structure. This time we’re looking at the all-important daggerboards – the means by which the power of the rig is transferred through the structure and into forward motion through [...]

Seahorse Magazine Feb 2018 – GUNBOAT 68 Technical Brief

"How far - and how fast - do you want to go?" GUNBOAT 68 featured in the February issue of Seahorse Sailing Magazine - click to read the full article!


Leading up to the launch of the first Gunboat 68, with construction in full swing in La Grande Motte, France, we continued our series of articles on different aspects of design and construction following the progress of 6801. Building from the Exterior Design Brief, let’s look at the strong internal structure engineered to support that [...]

January 2018 Newsletter

Florida sun, Bahama breeze, a dreamy south-pacific sailing film, line honors, Gunboat 68 news, brokerage listings, charter availability, boat shows. Click to read - GUNBOAT Newsletter - January 2018


Headturner. Jawdropper. Showstopper. Gunboat owners know the consequences of owning a fast, sexy catamaran.  While you gain access to remote anchorages and have the ability to set sail and go fast…they’re still there - the admirers, the aficionados, the curious! As the first model built by Gunboat under the ownership of Grand Large Yachting, the [...]

August 2017 Newsletter

News about Gunboat sailing, production and operations, the Newport International Boat Show, and brokerage opportunities! Click to read - GUNBOAT Newsletter - August 2017

Spring 2017 Newsletter

An update on the Caribbean regatta scene, Gunboat globetrotters, and a sneak peek of the new Gunboat 68! April 2017 Newsletter

New Gunboat 68 featured in Sail Magazine

This article was originally posted in Sail Magazine February 2017 Now in the hands of France’s Grand Large Yachting, whose portfolio includes the Outremer performance cat line, Gunboat lives on; the builders are currently tooling up to produce a gorgeous new design from multihull wunderkinds VPLP. It was no easy task to come up with […]

Yachting World features new Gunboat 68

This article originally appeared in Yachting World Magazine February 2017 Gunboat 68 – the high octane luxury performance cruiser designed by VPLP By Elaine Bunting|Feb. 15th, 2017 French owner Grand Large Yachting has unveiled its first new model for the Gunboat brand. When Gunboat, the US company that created the luxury super-fast carbon catamaran range, [...]

Season’s Greetings from All of Us at GUNBOAT

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season! Here at Gunboat, we had an exciting and eventful 2016. With our new parent company Grand Large Yachting now at the helm, the future never looked brighter. We look forward to building upon this momentum and sharing with you many of our new developments in 2017! Latest [...]

VPLP talks to Sailing Anarchy about new GUNBOAT

This post originally appeared in Sailing Anarchy November 7, 2016 VPLP has lately become top dog in ultra-high performance racing yacht design, mostly because the world has finally caught up with the French naval architecture whose first-ever design was a foiling trimaran – decades ago. With nearly half the Vendee Globe fleet (and all the […]

Breaking Gunboat News!

We will be announcing the new Gunboat 68 series created by a “Dream Team” of designers and showcasing the recently launched Gunboat 5701-R, VaiVai, at the Annapolis Boat Show, October 6-10, 2016. THE GUNBOAT 68 – Gunboat will be launching a new model that builds upon the successes of the ever popular Gunboat 66.  The Gunboat 68 […]

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