Speedy Progress – Gunboat 6803 Sea Trials

July 30, 2020

La Grande-Motte France

Born for adventures SEA TILT moved straight into sea trials. Commissioning progressed quickly from basic equipment checks and hoisting sails for the first time to load testing, and the sea trials crew were rewarded with thoroughbred performance.

Gunboat COO William Jelbert gives us some specifics from the first two days. “Saturday we checked all the sails except the big spinnaker, we slowly stepped up in load and by the end of the day were at maximum load with Full mainsail and J1 at speeds just over 17 knots. Sunday we went out and sailed upwind with J0 for a while, then we came downwind with A2. We sailed 10-11 knots in 8-10 knots of wind.

Really these were the best seatrials we’ve had. The boat performed as expected with minimal tweaks as we check all of the moving parts, rig tune, sail fit, etc. and get everything dialed in.”

Throughout August, commissioning progresses through the remainder of a detailed checklist and orienting the owners and crew for their sailing adventures ahead.

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Speedy Progress – Gunboat 6803 Sea Trials
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