Breaking Gunboat News!

We will be announcing the new Gunboat 68 series created by a “Dream Team” of designers and showcasing the recently launched Gunboat 5701-R, VaiVai, at the Annapolis Boat Show, October 6-10, 2016.

THE GUNBOAT 68 – Gunboat will be launching a new model that builds upon the successes of the ever popular Gunboat 66.  The Gunboat 68 will be a stylish global cruiser and regatta champion that aims to be faster and more refined than any of its predecessors.

To achieve enhanced performance, the Gunboat 68 will feature curved daggerboards, retractable rudders and wave piercing bows that extend the waterline length.
Lightweight, all-carbon composite construction ensures improved performance with various options for owners to “turbo” the design.  At the same time, the Gunboat 68 will maintain a higher safety margin with a wider beam and the mast located further aft.

In addition to these performance enhancements, the Gunboat 68 will feature a beautifully designed, semi-customizable interior that achieves both class and comfort.  The model boasts a spacious main salon and first class galley.  Owners and guests will also be able to enjoy a more luxurious interior with four VIP cabins that will include island beds and private heads. The versatile layout offers the option of adding a fifth and sixth cabin, with customizable areas designed to suit your every need!

We look forward to the official Gunboat 68 roll-out at the Annapolis Boat Show where we will share preliminary drawings with potential clients and interested parties.

The Gunboat 68 “Dream Team” of designers includes:


VPLP Design has had unrivaled success in the cruising, racing and superyacht catamaran market. They represent the pinnacle of performance multihull design. Recognized worldwide, VPLP’s naval architects have designed projects including the world’s fastest sailboat, Spindrift, the world’s largest catamaran, Hemisphere, and the world’s fastest monohull, Comanche.



Wetzels Brown Partners have twenty five years of experience in the world of luxury interior yacht design. Known for bespoke interiors that are both comfortable and classy, they have created interiors for Wally, CNB, Contest Yachts as well as other renowned superyachts.



Patrick le Quément and Christophe Chandal-Anglay team up to propel the exterior design of the Gunboat 68 into a new dimension. Formerly a head designer for Ford and Renault, le Quément now applies his expertise to yacht exterior design. Christophe Chandal-Anglay is already well-versed in Gunboat exteriors as he has worked with Nigel Irens on the Gunboat 55, 60 and 78 series’, as well as the APC 78.

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Breaking Gunboat News!
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