Gunboats live long and many lives! The performance engineering, attractive designs, quality materials, and durability make them the perfect platform for purchasing pre-owned and customizing to your own style and sailing preferences.

If you’re thinking about joining the Gunboat community, allow us to get to know your sailing plans and advise on matching a Gunboat to your specific requirements. We maintain regular contact with Gunboat owners and are in the unique position to discuss the current brokerage options, keep you updated when your dream model becomes available, and help answer questions about the history and customizations of each boat.

Gunboat respects the confidentiality of both parties while considering the sale or purchase of this valuable asset. A Gunboat may be privately listed, meaning the right model for you may be currently in use by the owner but available for private sale. Please reach out to establish your interest in Gunboat ownership and begin the process of becoming part of our community.

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