Moving Day! Gunboat 68 Hulls #1 and #2 cross paths at the yard…

August 6, 2018

New production photos and drone footage! Gunboat 68s Hull #1 and Hull #2 were sighted crossing paths at the factory in La Grande Motte, France. 68-01 headed to the paint booth to become metallic silver! 68-02 came out of the molds and began fairing and systems layouts.

We’re proud to share these updates about our company and progress on Gunboat 68 production! In just two years we’ve gone a long way; from full-blown research and recon across the Gunboat fleet, to forging strong partnerships across the industry in design and strategic areas of production, to building a dedicated new 3600 square meter Gunboat facility and bringing the new design to life with two boats currently in production.

Next up in just a few weeks, hull #1 will emerge metallic silver from the paint booth. Of the production milestones we’ve shared so far, we know this is the turning point where factory photos start to reveal elements of a finished boat – when renderings become reality. Now is a great time to start following us on social media to see exclusive photos of the build as they’re posted!

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Moving Day! Gunboat 68 Hulls #1 and #2 cross paths at the yard…
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