Video: 2018 RORC C600 Gunboat Highlights (Acquafilms)

Brokerage News – Announcing the sale of Gunboat 90 SUNSHINE

Gunboat 6802 Rolling out of the Paint Shed

Gunboat 68 Factory Tours & the International Multihull Boat Show

April 2019 Newsletter

7 Gunboats rally at the 2019 BVI Spring Regatta

News from the Nest – Sea Trials of Gunboat 68 CONDOR

Gunboat Brokerage

Press Release: Gunboat 6801 Launch

GUNBOAT 68 – Forward Thinking

Yacht Racing Forum 2018

GUNBOAT 68 – Delivering the Wow Factor

August 2018 Newsletter

Moving Day! Gunboat 68 Hulls #1 and #2 cross paths at the yard…

GUNBOAT 68 – Standing Tall

Newport Bermuda Race 2018

Celebrating Two Great Years and Many More to Come

GUNBOAT 68 – Steering into the Future

GUNBOAT 68 Systems – All Systems Go

April 2018 Newsletter

GUNBOAT 68 Interior – An Inner Sense of Light

BVI Spring Regatta 2018

Gunboat Factory & Gunboat 68-01 (drone preview)

Video – Epic Conditions in the 2018 RORC Caribbean 600

GUNBOAT 68 Daggerboards – Putting the Power Down

Seahorse Magazine Feb 2018 – GUNBOAT 68 Technical Brief

GUNBOAT 68 Internal Structure – Inner Strength

January 2018 Newsletter

GUNBOAT 68 Exterior Design – The Shape of Things to Come

August 2017 Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter

BVI Spring Regatta Preview

New Gunboat 68 featured in Sail Magazine

Yachting World features new Gunboat 68

Gunboat 66s Battle it out

90′ to Freedom – GUNBOAT 90, Sunshine

Season’s Greetings from All of Us at GUNBOAT

VPLP talks to Sailing Anarchy about new GUNBOAT

Gunboat is back, and better than ever

Breaking Gunboat News!

VaiVai – Gunboat’s first in a new 57 series heads to Newport for its boat show debut.

Grand Large Yachting shares its vision with the Gunboat Family

Yachting World June 2015: GUNBOAT 55 Boat Test

TOCCATA Wraps Up a Fast Paced Caribbean Season

Adventure Photographer Jen Edney Joins TOCCATA for her Maiden Delivery

GUNBOAT 5502 VANDAL: Jumping for Joy

GUNBOAT 55 Sweeps ‘Boat of the Year’ Awards

Cruising World January 2015: Boat of The Year

SAIL Magazine December 2014: Best Boats

SAIL Magazine November 2014: GUNBOAT 55 Review

Seahorse October 2014: Introducing the GUNBOAT 55

Forbes Life Profiles the GUNBOAT 55

Multihulls Quarterly Summer 2014: GUNBOAT 55 Review

SAIL June 2014: GUNBOAT 60 Review

SAIL December 2014: Best Boats

Ocean Navigator October 2013: GUNBOAT 60 Review

Multihull Sailor Fall 2013: Speed to Burn

Professional Boat Builder Aug/Sept 2013: Building the Big Guns

TIGER LILY Wins at the 31st Annual BVI Charter Yacht Show

The Coolest Yachts You Can Buy Today

Gunboat trampolines – simply irresistible!

The Republic of Wanchese

Gunboat in Annapolis

Gunboat 55-01!!


Video: What is a GUNBOAT?

Video: Phaedo Preps for the 2011 Transatlantic Race

Yachting World April 2011: GUNBOAT 66 BOAT TEST

Sailing World Jan/Feb 2011: Boat of the Year GUNBOAT 66

Video: Yachting World’s Toby Hodges Tests the Gunboat 66

SAIL December 2010: Best Boats Flagship Multihull

SAIL January 2011: Who’s Yer Daddy?

Seahorse International Sailing September 2010: Ten Years Pt. 2

Seahorse International Sailing August 2010: Ten Years Pt. 1

SAIL January 2009: Blast Reaching

Multihull Review July/Aug 2008: Gunboats at Heineken Week

Cruising World January 2006: Deep Freeze Delivery

Cruising World February 2005: The Best Year Ever

Yachting World February 2005: Surf Safari

American Yacht Review 2002/2003: TRIBE

Cruising World December 2002: A Quest Called Tribe

Blue Water Sailing August 2002: Cape Hatteras to Port

Blue Water Sailing March 2002: My Tribe

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Video: 2018 RORC C600 Gunboat Highlights (Acquafilms)
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