Newport Bermuda Race 2018

The 2018 Newport Bermuda Race marked the first-ever multihull class included in the history or the race (founded in 1906), and we were thrilled to see the class entirely made up of Gunboats! Check out the action…

The biennial Newport Bermuda Race is the oldest regularly scheduled ocean regatta, testing sailors across 635 nautical miles — from the cold waters of the continental shelf to the squally Gulf Stream — since 1906. Despite that 113-year history, 2018 marked a milestone when multi-hulls competed for the first time.

“It’s a big deal,” said Newport sailor Phil Lotz, owner of the Gunboat 60 Arethusa. “Of all the great ocean races in the world, only two had yet to include multi-hulls. Now only the Sydney Hobart is left.”

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In the foggy, rainy “Newport summer” days leading up to the race, Gunboat 60 ARETHUSA, Gunboat 62 ELVIS, and Gunboat 62 TRIBE had plenty going on in preparation. Thankfully as they wrapped up their punch lists, Thursday delivered solid breeze perfect for testing the full suite of gear and sails before it shut down again for what promised to be a light-air game for the inaugural multihull division.

Spectators in full attendance on the water and at Castle Hill watched the floating start on Friday June 15th. As the race progressed, the leading 5 boats (of 169), including ELVIS, managed to push through faster while the rest of the fleet got caught out in a tricky high-pressure zone.

“We worked really hard to get through the wall before the gate slammed shut behind us.” – Scotty Bradford, ELVIS

And it did slam shut. While ELVIS enjoyed a few rounds of dark-and-stormy on shore (as did the other 4 “breakaway boats” Juan K 27m RAMBLER 88, the Maxi 72 PROTEUS, the two Volvo 70’s WIZARD and WARRIOR), ARETHUSA and TRIBE battled through another day and a half – of intensely focused, light-air trimming – to earn the finish line. Well done to all of the competitors, and congratulations to ELVIS for winning the first-ever multihull division of the Newport Bermuda Race!

ELVIS pre-race interview with Adventures of a Sailor Girl

Newport Bermuda Race news:

Class 1, Multihull Division Results

Jason Carroll’s Elvis led the Multihull division from the start but was initially in fairly close contact with the other two multihulls, Tribe and Arethusa, a Gunboat 62 and 60, respectively. Elvis found a little more breeze on Saturday afternoon, though, and built a good lead that turned into a total breakaway on Sunday when the trailing boats were trapped by the expanding high pressure zone.

Elvis crew at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

The crew of Elvis, tied to the dock at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.


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Photos and video filming by Billy Black

Video Editing by Roddy Grimes-Graeme / ACQUAFILMS

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