Introducing Gunboat 6804

January 28, 2021

La Grande-Motte France

Announcing the launch of Gunboat 68 TOSCA! This week, the 4th Gunboat 68 was ceremoniously rolled from the shed and moved to the waterfront for the splash. With the rig and daggerboards in, she’s officially a sailboat, with a reception line of industry pro’s queuing up for her commissioning and sea trials over the coming weeks.

The team reported a glamour launch, the boat sitting perfectly on her designed lines. The biggest challenge is sticking to the slow and steady commissioning schedule and quality control checklists, when they just can’t wait to go sailing!

Launch Highlights

At the factory, the final push is literal. The team steps back to observe 18 months of craftsmanship.

Mirror reflections in the perfect paint job, a gorgeous blue color with metallic and pearlescent flakes that change the hue in different lighting.

Settled in at the marina, TOSCA will undergo a comprehensive series of systems and equipment tests throughout sea trials.

Sailing photos to follow in February and March!

Photos by Mark van Kemenade and Rosalie Chevalley

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Introducing Gunboat 6804
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