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Gunboat 80




The zenith of Gunboat design will always be a moving target – That’s a passion we share with our clients. With the launch of the Gunboat 68, in no time they came to us with requests to build upon this new benchmark series with a larger Gunboat. The Gunboat 80 manifests ambitions of the most discerning clients for more space, more speed and a high level of customizability. The owner sets the cursor from superyacht-style cruising to performance-optimized racing. Visionary sailing plans become a reality.

With the Gunboat 80, our shipyard takes a zero compromise approach to design, engineering, structure, build and performance. We’re focused on meeting your expectations for boutique craftsmanship in a high tech, semi-custom yacht, with close attention to quality, structural integrity and safety.

The Gunboat 80 ignites the deepest desire to cast off the dock lines, take the helm, trim the sails. The attraction is as dynamic as the sailing itself. Any one of the compelling characteristics will lure you to the rest – Sensational helm feel, aero design, Grand Prix construction, and the finest sailing gear and instruments to name a few. The quest for superior sailing ends here.

  • Customization & Development

    The most customizable Gunboat yet. Working together with VPLP to manage structural integrity and safety margins while allowing extensive customization. Alter the interior layout and test board and rudder shapes - all with confidence on a future-proof platform.
  • Prepreg Carbon Fiber Construction

    Robust, lightweight materials and equipment for precision and lasting quality: the Gunboat 80 features a full prepreg structure and honeycomb Nomex core where it matters, including the lightweight aerospace interior. Materials and processes are best suited for every application throughout the build.
  • Interior Volume

    Building a lifestyle. The Gunboat 80 offers impressive interior volume to create an ultra-accommodating interior with greater sense of privacy when you want it, from the enormous salon and aft cockpit to the customizable hulls.
  • Customization & Development
  • Prepreg Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Interior Volume


Larger, faster, unmistakably Gunboat

The all-star design and engineering collaboration of Gunboat, VPLP Design, Christophe Chedal Anglay, and Patrick le Quément unite again to deliver the grandeur of the Gunboat 80, with the principles introduced through the Gunboat 68 series, and the spirit of boundless possibilities. Designers collaborated closely on the careful integration of performance and style:

The streamlined silhouette incorporates wraparound cabintop windows and long topside windows for an ultra-sleek design, with broad sightlines and abundant natural light within. Wave-piercing bows and minimum rocker deliver steady, uninterrupted speed. Increased beam yields more righting moment, for higher safety and performance.

Sleek, slender hulls and rigid, ocean going structures form the strong platform and smooth sailing motion.

“With the VPLP design simulator, we test variations in appendages to envision performance characteristics under different conditions. Gunboat 80 owners appreciate this extra degree of customization, and it builds even more anticipation to go sailing!”

Benoit Lebizay — Gunboat Managing Partner

The devil is in the details

The Gunboat 80 takes a zero-compromise, and-rather-than-or approach to design, engineering, structure, build, performance and finish. The internal GA, deck plans, interior configuration, styling and outfitting are entirely at the owners discretion. It’s as close to a high end custom build as you can get, without the associated risk and timeframes - comprehensively engineered and built with precision for desired results.



At a regal 80 ft, the Gunboat 80 awards plenty of space where it’s enjoyed the most; a massive salon and aft cockpit with sweeping views, bright and airy cabins, and the option to position the galley in the salon or below and out of sight within dedicated crew quarters. Layouts are highly customizable. Spaces can be configured in new and innovative ways to accommodate your lifestyle, family and friends – with multiple areas for dining, relaxing, lounging around and settling in for a sundowner.

For the interior we orchestrated a seamless experience and a feeling of streamlined integration. The design team utilized virtual reality to make every detail a pleasantry, more functional, an extension of natural use. On a yacht, and especially a fast sailing Gunboat, the focus on clean purposeful design thoughtfully integrates everything you need and nothing more – for complete comfort, and an innate sense of freedom. Each Gunboat 80 will be customized in collaboration with the interior design team.

The aft cockpit is your protected outdoor oasis and the favorite gathering space for lounging, dining and entertaining. Connected to the salon by large sliding doors, the Gunboat 80 offers versatility as separate social areas or a seamless indoor-outdoor living space.

Achieved with lightness

The installation of furniture built to aeronautical specifications, with light yet strong composite material and high-quality veneers, enables refined comfort while remaining consistent with the philosophy of performance.

Signature Design

In collaboration with our design team, we invite owners to explore their inspirations and create a truly personalized yacht interior.

Space is maximized for usable storage and generous headroom.

Lighting is recessed and on dimmers for perfect ambiance.

Air conditioning surrounds the bed comfortably with slow-moving cool air.

Upholstery panels and soft materials add comfort and absorb sound.


& Sailing


To onlookers it might look impossible. To sailors it might feel surreal. Imagine your Gunboat 80 sailing faster than the wind in >6 knots true wind speed. Expect the maximum sailing pleasure in the widest range of conditions, right through the upper wind range. From hull design to sail plan, every detail has been scrutinized for performance optimizations and ultra-lightweight construction technologies. The Gunboat 80 is engineered to deliver these results – to sail while the others are motoring.

“We dictated length, freeboard, deck clearance and beam to create a sleek design with a high aspect ratio sailplan. We achieved an exciting design that is far lighter than other 80-footers with the same cruising ambitions”.

Vincent Lauriot-Prevost – VPLP Design

24.65 [m]

10.25 [m]

34.6 [m]

5.82 [m]

1.15 [m]

  • LOA
  • BOA
  • Mast Clearance
  • Draft Board (Down)
  • Bridge Deck Clearance

Specifications & Customizations

General design decisions have been established to guarantee standards of performance, comfort and reliability for the Gunboat 80. The mast is positioned further aft for an optimized sail plan. Long, high-aspect rudders and daggerboards are both retractable for access to skinny waters. The cabin house presents maximum real estate for solar panels. Systems are engineered for efficiency and reliability.

Each Gunboat 80 we build presents a unique perspective on performance sailing, for plans that range from a full racing program to cruising, as defined by the owner. We start with a well designed platform – engineered for speed, stability and an impressive range of performance – to explore your level of interest in custom configurations. Develop your Gunboat 80 with interior or exterior helm stations. Alter the rig height, rig rotation, longeron length, boom length, hydraulic systems and more.

  • LOA 24.65 M
  • LWL 23.95 M
  • BOA 10.25 M
  • DRAFT BOARD UP 1.3 - 2.2 M
  • MAST LENGTH 30.9 M
  • DISPLACEMENT 27 - 28 t

Expand the master cabin with an office or lounge. Design cabins to accommodate your family and friends. Develop functional crew quarters that streamline operations and enhance privacy. In the salon, configurations factor your preferences for dining and lounging, galley placement, navigation station and helm position. Feature a full galley in the salon, or partial galley up plus a working galley below in the crew area. Opt for a forward helm station in the salon and/or dual aft helms.

Inquire with Gunboat to preview layouts and discuss your preferences.

From a full cruising program to your favorite regattas, design the Gunboat 80 to suit your sailing plans and adventures. Structurally designed to accept customizations, secondary bulkheads can be moved allowing flexible configurations and a future-proof platform. And if you desire the option to go turbo, consider the rudders and boards. VPLP have studied several iterations of lift proportions and are ready to run multiple VPP sessions to achieve the optimal appendage configuration that best matches the wind and angles you sail at your favorite regattas.

Explore a new build with our team.