Gunboat 72

  • Gunboat 72

Gunboat 72




The first catamaran with Gunboat performance and a flybridge, the 72 design begins squarely with the cruising aficionado in mind, when nothing other than a Gunboat will do.

Since the first Gunboats over 20 years ago, the vast popularity of multihull cruising continues to rise. Families come in droves to boat shows, searching for the perfect match between the significance of their world cruising adventure and the vessel that will carry them, that they will also call home. The pendulum swings hard – Gunboat sailing performance or layers of living space. Family and friends start voting, and we catch the look of pleading in your eye…

Technology has also come a long way in 20 years, and we’re proud to be pushing the boundaries on both sides of the performance-cruising continuum. Our best-in-class design features a streamlined flybridge, built with the latest in lightweight construction technology and comprehensive performance engineering. It’s sleek and aero, rock solid, and sails like a dream.

  • Flybridge

    Adding a new vantage point and a substantial increase in living space to suit the ultimate cruising lifestyle while delivering exceptionally rewarding sailing performance, managed from the flybridge.
  • Gunboat

    Sail at wind speed from 8 kts true. The Gunboat 72 redefines flybridge cruising catamaran performance - engineered by the highly accurate data modeling of VPLP and built to millimeter precision by Gunboat - for comfort, stability, and capability in the widest range of conditions.
  • Lifting Tender

    The choice of davits or a tender platform which adds another social dynamic. The platform can be raised flush with the aft beam as an extension of the aft beam sun lounge, or lowered slightly underwater as a swim platform.
  • Expansive Salon
    & Aft Cockpit

    The interior of the Gunboat 72 is dynamic and bright, pure and inviting. Connected by large sliding doors, the spacious aft cockpit flows from the salon with rich comfort, soft shapes, and fine materials.
  • Superior Owner’s
    State Room

    Wake up refreshed to glowing sunrises and sweeping ocean views. The master cabin offers the maximum space, rich comfort, and an inviting ambience. Hull spaces can also be customized to offer alternatives such as an office or family room.
  • Flybridge
  • Gunboat Performance
  • Lifting Tender Platform
  • Expansive Salon & Aft Cockpit
  • Superior Owner’s State Room


Disrupting the definition
of a flybridge multihull.

The all-star design and engineering collaboration of Gunboat, VPLP Design, Christophe Chedal Anglay, Patrick le Quément, and Isabelle Racoupeau-Ramirez contribute the shared experience that is intrinsic to the Gunboat 72, with the principles introduced through the Gunboat 68 series, and the conviviality of family cruising adventures.

Only the well-rounded perspective of VPLP could nail the balance of our flybridge performance cruiser so precisely, applying their work from the 68 to deliver best-in-class. Christophe Chedal Anglay and Patrick le Quément expertly incorporated new features like the flybridge and tender/swim platform into the sleek and streamlined design.

Designed to the detail, the integration of a sailing machine and a cruising dream.

Gunboat 72

“In keeping with Gunboat DNA, I searched for a refreshingly luxe interior for the Gunboat 72 that was both dynamic and bright, but in a delicate way, with the softness of the shapes of the furniture associated with the contrast of the materials.”

Isabelle Racoupeau-Ramirez – Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design

Impeccable quality, Legendary adventures

Sleek, balanced, stable, light. Her lines are unmistakable, yet the Gunboat 72 belongs in a category of her own. Performance design seamlessly integrates enhanced cruising features with parallel intrigue. Sailing plans escalate.
  • Gunboat 72 at anchor
  • Gunboat 72 tenderlift
  • Gunboat 72
  • Gunboat 72 Galley
  • Gunboat 72 aft cockpit


Space to build legends.

Adventures with family and friends become stories, and stories turn into legends. Shared dreams drive the configuration of the 72, with at least five distinct areas for socializing, relaxing and making memories together, and an unprecedented level of layout customizability to accommodate your unique tribe. Plush interiors and the comprehensive treatment of interior design reflect the personality of each owner. The inviting, bright and airy character of the 72 shines through.
Considerate treatment of form and function give rise to a carefree ambience for creating memories with the ones you love.

Hull layouts start with the owner’s lifestyle – a VIP cabin and desires for additional personal space such as an office – and proceed with accommodations in multiple guest cabins and separate quarters for 2-3 crew.

Integrated Living Spaces Aboard

Conceived for the liveaboard lifestyle, the enormous salon provides a protected safety zone, with a lounge area to starboard and a gourmet galley to port. Forward of the galley, a nav station with panel-mounted displays can be configured with push button controls for added convenience and shorthanded sailing. 

Connected to the salon by large sliding doors, the aft cockpit is the heart of entertainment. It’s the go-to spot for lounging and dining, just steps from the transom for a refreshing swim and the wet bar for happy hour - as welcoming to a party of 20 as it is to a few.

Space is maximized for usable storage and ample headroom.

Lighting is recessed and on dimmers for perfect ambiance.

Air conditioning surrounds the bed comfortably with slow moving cool air.

Upholstery panels and soft materials add comfort and absorb sound.


& Sailing

Cruising faster, cruiser further

Reach more destinations, and revel in the journey all the way. The Gunboat 72 is configured for simple, controlled, shorthanded performance sailing from the flybridge helm station, with streamlined sail controls and cruising-optimized sail plans. Sailing performance is significantly advantageous over motoring, as the foundation for a sustainable life at sea. Lightweight construction and the full treatment of performance optimizations deliver effortless, mile-eating performance.

Gunboat 72
Gunboat 72

VPLP’s precise engineering and Gunboat’s build quality came together to master the weight and balance of the Gunboat 72, key factors to achieve performance in terms of speed and excellent sea keeping.

Marc Van Peteghem – VPLP Design

22 [m]

9.40 [m]

32.6 [m]

3.8 [m]

0.95 [m]

  • LOA
  • BOA
  • Mast Clearance
  • Draft Board (Down)
  • Bridge Deck Clearance

Specifications & Customizations

Beyond the thrill of it, the benefits of a Gunboat are invaluable and deep-reaching, with safety firmly in mind. We make no compromise on performance engineering and precision boatbuilding using high quality, proven materials and equipment - producing strong, high functioning, oceangoing yachts. The speed and handling of a Gunboat opens up weather windows - more options to go where you want, when you need to - and capability to handle a wider range of conditions. Extensive quality control measures verify these features throughout the process of the build, commissioning and sea trials.
Each Gunboat leaves the shipyard tested and adventure-ready.

Build lifelong memories of sailing a performance cruising cat with comfort and ease. Family and friends will be delighted, whether they choose to relax and enjoy the scenery or lend a hand on the lines. The passion for sailing takes on a carefree nature on the 72 with helm stations and centralized sail controls at your fingertips on the flybridge. Interior spaces were conceived for extended cruising, supported by systems designed for reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • LOA 22 M
  • LWL 22 M
  • BOA 9.40 M
  • DISPLACEMENT 28 - 29 t

Sail at wind speed from 8 kts true. Enjoy shorthanded performance sailing from the flybridge helm station, with streamlined sail controls and cruising-optimized sail plans. While sail selection remains owner-driven, the recommended sail plan features 4 sails (Main, J2/genoa, J3/staysail, A3). VPLP designed this with performance and simplicity in mind. Fixed sails are easily furlable from the flybridge in a sail plan genuinely conceived for streamlined, short-handed cruising of a thrilling performance machine.

Lifestyle-centric from sterns to bows and cabins to flybridge, with more than 5 distinct areas for socializing. Customizable layouts can accommodate 8-10 guests in 4 cabins and 2-3 crew in separate crew quarters. The sample layout features the VIP master cabin starboard aft, three guests cabins port aft and (2) amidships, and a crew cabin area with ensuite wet head in the port bow.

Talk with us about building your dream Gunboat.