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Gunboat 70


The Evolution
of Innovation


When a Gunboat sails into an anchorage people stop what they’re doing. Heads turn and mouths open – It’s part of the joy of owning one! First impressions are as important as the view from two feet away, from any angle. The design is seamless, the finish millimeter perfect and the luster unusually deep. This is no ordinary yacht, but one with intoxicating looks and sailing prowess that most will only dream about.

The first of the Gunboat-VPLP collaborations was an immediate trend-setter: The Gunboat 68 marked a step-change in the evolution of the brand, and performance cruising catamarans would forever be changed again. Building on the best, now we invite you to explore the Gunboat 70, the latest integration of sailing and lifestyle, elegance and comfort, in an ultra high-quality, ocean-going catamaran.

  • Race & Cruise

    Cruise along with family and friends at impressive speeds, or push for performance in race mode. Race-industry technology is applied to this platform with a focus on remaining simple, strong and reliable.

    Rig and sail plans are conceptualized specifically for your sailing preferences.
  • Short handed

    A breeze to sail, even shorthanded. Command the boat from “mission control”. At the central helm station, engine control and navigational displays are in front of the carbon fiber helm. Two steps away, reach the forward cockpit for sail handling and the captain’s desk for touchscreen management of the systems. Dual aft helm stations can also be added for back-of-the-boat steering preferences.
  • Extended Salon
    & Aft Cockpit

    The Gunboat 70 features a bridgedeck salon that spans the full width outboard for maximum salon volume within.

    Designers used VR to improve the flow, interconnection, and indoor-outdoor feel of the salon and aft cockpit.
  • Spacious owner
    state room

    The Master cabin offers spacious volume and a panoramic window, to wake up refreshed to glowing sunrises and sweeping ocean vistas. Designers reimagined the owners cabin for space, privacy, and comfort.

    The owner’s cabin is beautifully appointed and exceptionally intentional. Each thoughtful detail adds to the overall feeling of comfort and refinement.
  • Galley down

    On the Gunboat 70, owners can choose to place the galley up or down below in the hull with a crew mess. In either configuration, the standard dining configuration in the salon comfortably seats eight.
  • Galley up

    Layouts are highly customizable to suit lifestyle preferences for the use of space - whether you prefer to gather around the galley or dedicate the bridgedeck level exclusively as living space.
  • Race & Cruise modes
  • Short handed sailing
  • Extended Salon & Aft Cockpit
  • Spacious owner state room
  • Galley down
  • Galley up


Eye-opening, Head-turning, Jaw-Dropping.

The synthesis of performance and lifestyle. The world’s foremost multihull naval architects and leaders in the yacht design industry came together to move the needle of the high-performance cruising catamaran market and set the pace for the future of Gunboat.
Today’s Gunboat designs evolved through a close collaborative loop with VPLP, Patrick le Quément and Christophe Chedal Anglay, driven by our in-house design team. The Gunboat 70 blends athleticism and aerodynamics with aesthetically captivating sleek lines.

The latest generation of Gunboats would not go unnoticed, with visual appeal as provocative as their ability to sail.

“For the interior we orchestrated a seamless experience and a feeling of streamlined integration. The design team utilized virtual reality to test the experience of the environment to make every detail a pleasantry, more functional, an extension of natural use, a lifestyle.”

Christophe Chedal Anglay — Chedal Anglay Design

devil is in the details

On a yacht, and especially a fast sailing Gunboat, the focus on clean purposeful design thoughtfully incorporates everything you need and nothing more – complete comfort, and an innate sense of freedom.

Gunboat’s well-established system of project management, design, build technique and quality assurance is firmly in place from concept to reality, delivering boats on-weight, with accurate build times and exceptionally high quality standards.


Creating an Ocean Home

The Gunboat 70 interior design team guides you on a stimulating adventure to discover the unique characteristics and personality of your Gunboat.

Patrick le Quément and CMF specialists Diane Noetinger and Estelle Barreau collaborate under the supervision of Christophe Chedal Anglay to present a number of concepts as a springboard.

The essence is subtle and balanced, a well-rounded and well-traveled imprint on the core spirit of Gunboat style. We invite each owner to explore their own aesthetic inspiration and create a truly personalized yacht interior.

From sail handling to sunset lounge mode. The Gunboat 70 features a spacious, multipurpose forward cockpit and trampoline area with clear unobstructed views. Welcome to the front terrace.

An inner sense of light

The disciplined focus on weight savings and performance continues throughout the interior with no compromise on the alluring style of a Gunboat, for an interior that is light, elegant and inviting. Gunboats feature luxury aircraft furniture constructed of a Nomex core and ultra-thin veneers - saving weight and elevating style.

Beautifully appointed, exceptionally intentional.

Throughout the interior, the selection of exotic materials enhances comfort and the feeling of light and space, creating clean and sophisticated spaces with ergonomics and practicality at the forefront. Each thoughtful detail of the interior adds to the overall feeling of comfort and refinement.

Space is maximized for usable storage and ample headroom.

Lighting is recessed and on dimmers for perfect ambiance.

Air conditioning is strategically placed to surround you in slow-moving cool air.

Upholstery panels and soft materials add comfort and absorb sound.


& Sailing


Pure performance is a magnetic force. Gunboat ignites the deepest desire to cast off the dock lines, take the helm, trim the sails. The attraction to the experience is as dynamic as the sailing itself. Any one of the compelling characteristics will lure you to the rest: sensational helm feel, aero design, high end materials and construction, and the finest sailing gear and instruments to name a few. Speed – the freedom to go – awakens the senses. You feel alive. The quest for superior sailing ends here.

Stability and comfort, thrill and adventure - and to the monohull’s chagrin - an inverse relationship between performance and suffering.

“In design, there is a rule that one searches for balance. With Gunboat we sought the perfect imbalance – the notion of movement and speed. The proportions make the boat look right, positioned to move forward in the sea, resolute and intentional for its purpose.”

Patrick le Quément

21.95 [m]

9.2 [m]

32.50 [m]

4.6 [m]

1.0 [m]

  • LOA
  • BOA
  • Mast Clearance
  • Draft Board (Down)
  • Bridge Deck Clearance

Specifications & Customization

Built with top-quality materials, equipment and processes best suited for every application of the build, operating with the strict mindset of a raceboat program focused on quality, weight and deadlines. The Gunboat 70 features a full carbon fiber structure with thermoformed core, prepreg carbon fiber bulkheads and a lightweight aerospace interior. From performance to systems and interiors, each yacht is customized to the owner’s use case and delivered with pride and confidence following a rigorous commissioning process.

Stunning exterior lines exude speed. Luxurious interiors deliver true comfort and refined style. Systems are engineered to be accessible and require minimal maintenance. Semi-customizable layouts and owner preferences are integral to the design from the earliest design stages. Evolutions in the 70 design enhance the core Gunboat DNA: stylish, lightweight, high-performance, and ready to sail the globe.

  • LOA 21.95 M
  • LWL 21.95 M
  • BOA 9.2 M
  • DISPLACEMENT (as per standard specifications) 20 t

Cruise in comfort with your family or trim for speed in race mode – with rig and sail plans optimized for your sailing preferences. Race-industry technology is applied to this platform with an intentional focus on remaining simple, strong and reliable. Choose the sail plan and package that best matches your need…for speed!

Inquire with Gunboat for an in depth look at Gunboat 70 sailing performance.

Gunboat layouts are highly customizable. Choose the number of cabins, additional private owners’ space such as an office or lounge, galley up in the salon or below within crew quarters. Interior designers paid special attention to the flow between spaces and the connected indoor outdoor lifestyle of the salon and aft cockpit.

The Gunboat 70 also features dedicated machinery spaces – two aft engine rooms and a forward port tech space – maximizing access and the separation of work and leisure. Working closely with our design team, each Gunboat 70 will reflect the lifestyle of the owners.

Inquire with Gunboat to preview layouts and discuss your preferences.

You set the cursor. Conceptually designed to be a versatile platform, the Gunboat 70 allows for customization and development on the continuum from full cruising to maximum performance and anywhere between. The options we present are fully engineered in collaboration with VPLP for performance, safety, and viability of the platform. Clients who choose to develop their Gunboats have the opportunity to collaborate with Gunboat’s extensive network of experts across the industry.