Pop of Color – 6804 Paint Reveal

The Paint reveal! Gunboat 6804 moved from the paint booth to final fit out this week, leaving a bluish-purple haze of excitement in her wake. Metallic and pearlescent flakes in the paint change mean the hue changes in different lighting and surroundings. We can't wait to see this on the water!

From here, a frenzy of activity from systems to carpentry prepare her for an early 2021 launch.

Our French paint subcontractor Naviteam has been with us from the very beginning. We chose them because of their experience on race boats and also with a refit on a Gunboat 60 Moonwave, from which we received great feedback. This team of skilled painters know how to keep the fairing light and achieve a mirror finish, and very importantly to keep the fairing light. Our very fine tolerance tooling set us up for success, and they only need to add a few thin layers of paint products to achieve the final glossy look. Thanks, Naviteam!

📷: Jeremy PICCI