Flipping the Fly – Gunboat 72

Its a bird its a plane...Its a big milestone in the construction of our first 72, the de-molding of the flybridge deck!

Stéphane Renard, Gunboat Design Manager, explains the significance, "This is one of the largest infusions we have ever undertaken and is a lot more complex than a hull - incorporating all the little intricate details and corners throughout. We’re very satisfied to see that this part, which is the defining feature of the 72V concept, has come out just perfectly. Next we follow our usual stringent quality process that includes non-destructive testing (ultrasound scanning) by a third party expert."

Above: The flybridge/deck structure is removed from female molds and righted by the Gunboat team. Below: The following week, during dry fit, for the first time we see a preview of what a fully formed 72V will look like!