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Gunboat began in 2002 with the vision to design and build fast comfortable, family-friendly cruising catamarans that utilized the latest in race boat technology. At that time, most cruising catamarans were comfortable but clearly not great performers. On the other side of the spectrum, the performance world had embraced multihulls with one world record after another falling to maxi racing catamarans.

Through 20 years of head-turning designs, enviable cruising speeds, and regatta podiums, Gunboat set the bar and continues to raise it, applying innovation and proven technologies to the desires of performance sailing and the bluewater cruising lifestyle – blasting the boundaries of mutual exclusivity between the two. It turns out you can have it both ways.

Since 2016, Gunboat operations have benefited from a high level of industry knowledge, build expertise and sound financial backing under the ownership of Grand Large Yachting. Clients receive the best of both worlds: the efficiency gained by the process-driven culture and scale of a recognized industry player, and the boutique craftsmanship of high-tech, semi-custom yachtbuilding. Each Gunboat is unique and celebrated by the Gunboat team. We want clients to enjoy the build process too, including their time at our purpose-built, 3600 sq meter facility in La Grande-Motte France.

The elevated experience of a Gunboat is profound, and exhilarating, throughout the journey and the destination. Speed and seaworthiness to safely handle the toughest blue water passages. Gliding along faster than the wind. Sinking into pure comfort and absorbing the vibe of the yacht during sunsets at anchor. That distinctive feeling of intrigue and deep satisfaction is not by chance. We’ve gone the extra mile and millimeter too, throughout the design, engineering and build of your new Gunboat. And we look forward to welcoming you into the Gunboat community.

Process, Quality, Accountability

The steadfast ambition that sparked Gunboat – applying proven, Grand Prix race boat building and sailing performance technology to what is at its core, a highly-capable, world cruising boat – realized by an experienced, dedicated team working in top facilities.

– Engineering by VPLP, the “fastest naval architects in the world”, and uniquely the foremost offshore racing as well as cruising multihull designers
– Built by Gunboat in La Grande-Motte, France, operating with the strict mindset of a raceboat program, focused on quality, weight and deadlines
– Top-quality materials that are best suited for every application of the build: Epoxy resin, carbon, corecell foam, and nomex honeycomb to name a few
– Processes that match each given material and location it is implemented, such as thermoforming the core, infusing the hull, and the application of vacuum wetpreg for some components and full prepreg for the interior bulkheads of the 68, or a full prepreg superstructure for the 80. All Gunboats feature a lightweight aerospace interior.
– Discreet selection of robust lightweight equipment for precision and lasting quality
– In-House Design and Engineering focus on streamlined, efficient systems
– Minimizing environmental impact throughout the life of the boat: Producing boats capable of sailing faster than the wind in anything over 6 knots of breeze and right up through the ranges will sail 80% of the time instead of motoring, maximizing solar power, minimizing the use of fossil fuels
– Assembly in our temperature-controlled, dust free facility exceeding European safety and environmental standards
– Delivering on our promises.

At this level you may be weighing the choice of a Gunboat vs a fully custom boat. We designed for that, and we have your back. Contact us to learn more about our build ethos and capacity to realize your dream project.

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