Building up to debuts in 2023

La Grande-Motte, France

While it has been an exciting year for us, there's a lot more to come in 2023. We're in the lead up to the highly anticipated launches of the first Gunboat 80 and the first 72V! With six boats in the works - two of each model - we share a few of the most recent milestones and what's to come.

Larger, faster, unmistakably Gunboat

With the Installation of the deck and coach roof on boat #1 of the Gunboat 80 series, we have our first look at the lines of the Gunboat 80 design and admire exterior design in all-carbon mode before she heads to paint.

Meanwhile 8002 progresses with structural work and systems in the bay next door.


Head-turning, jaw dropping

In October Gunboat 6806 emerged from the shed looking absolutely royal in a deep metallic blue! Paint reveals are the most visible of the milestones. The completion of an intense, high-tech paint application marks a turning point and the countdown to launch day. Finishing touches are underway and she’ll be joining the fleet on the water in a few short months.


Elevated sailing

The first Gunboat 72 is currently in paint and we can’t wait for the reveal in December! In the yard, the 72 design is already winning hearts and imaginations with her signature Gunboat lines, extra spacious salon and fly bridge. With two 72’s underway, we’re pleased to expand the cruising-focused end of the spectrum and welcome more Gunboat owners to our community.



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© Pics: Bruno Mazodier / Gunboat