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Gunboat News: Full Sail

What a year it has been so far! The factory is booming with two of each series in build, new owners have joined the community through brokerage, and Gunboat adventures are expanding around the globe. So read on, and we hope to see you at Cannes Yachting Festival!

Gunboat 68 BreakFree will be on display in Port Canto area of the show. Guests with sales or media interests, please contact us in advance to book a boarding time

Build Updates

GUNBOAT 80: With a full prepreg structure that occupies a footprint of about 80' x 33', the Gunboat 80 makes a sizable impression! Assembly proved right on the mark - with the precise, efficiency and high quality we set out for through collaboration with Fibre Mechanics and Grupo Carboman (Decision and Multiplast).Systems work is well underway on 8001, employing the principles and approach of the 68 with an even greater degree of customizability. Extensive R&D incorporates the owner’s vision and technical use case, in a progression from concept to 3D modeling, to full scale mockups that also prepare the build team for a clean installation.
Meanwhile hull and bulkhead components of 8002 are nearing completion and soon to be transported to the Gunboat factory.

GUNBOAT 72V: On the Gunboat 72V, with the deck and coach roof bonded, interior fit out continues for a couple of months before the paint process begins. Meanwhile, we're preparing to break ground on 72V02!

GUNBOAT 68: Meanwhile, infusion has started on Gunboat 6807, and 6806 is the next boat to launch - Currently in faring and paint, while the custom mast and longeron are built at Lorima and due for final assembly in the new year.
Planning on a Gunboat in the next few years? It’s time to talk about build slots!! 
: Gunboat factory  |  Gilles Martin-Raget

Brokerage Office

Its summer in Newport - The shipyard is bustling, the harbor is packed, and Gunboat sightings are numerous! (Gunboat 57 VAIVAI above & Gunboat 68 DASH below)
Interested in owning a Gunboat? Contact our brokerage office to discuss your sailing plans and explore available listings!

Photos from Gunboat Adventures

Spread from New England as far north as Newfoundland and onward to Greenland, from Spain to Greece: Gunboat 68s share photos of their recent world adventures.
Gunboat 68 SeaTilt, Nova Scotia
: Sebastian Barrett
Gunboat 68 DASH, Newport
: Susan Toth
Gunboat 68 Break Free, Greece

In the News...

Skippers Magazine joins us for a sea trial on Gunboat 68 BreakFree!  Click the image for the sailing video tour and interview with Loïck Peyron and Benoit Lebizay. 
Yachting World cruising feature, Gunboat 48 TRAVERSE: Where the sky is born: cruising the Yucatan Channel