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Things are heating up and we're not just talking about summer. Get ready for a crescendo of Gunboat news from brokerage sales to new designs to adventures around the world! - A first look at the new GUNBOAT 80- Brokerage is on fire - Events are back, with a dominating performance by Gunboat 68 Highland Fling - Some of the hottest adventures involve glaciers

Gunboat News: Comin' in Hot

Things are heating up and we're not just talking about the beginning of summer. News has been building at Gunboat!

From the Design Room

Expanding from the success of the 68, we're inviting a new wave of clients to step up to the Gunboat 80! Exhilarating sailing performance you could only dream of on 80-foot, fully loaded, blue-water cruising catamaran - and the most spacious and customizable Gunboat yet. Meet the 80. The first two build slots are reserved and under R&D as they develop their bespoke configurations. Contact us to explore your future sailing plans on the Gunboat 80.

A (re)Turn of Events

Events are resuming in various formats and infusing a burst of energy into the sailing scene! A few highlights from our events calendar:
Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta, June 3-6, Porto Cervo, Italy: The European multihull circuit is back in action and competitors enjoyed a fantastic event hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda this past week. Gunboat 68 Highland Fling blazed their way to first place in the Multihull Class! Cheers to the owner and talented group of sailors who launched straight from refit to inaugural event with such great results! Next up, the Multihull Cup...
Carlo Borlenghi / Studio Borlenghi
Gunboat Private Boat Show, June 25-26th, La Grande-Motte, France: We have a few spots left to invite serious prospective buyers for a VIP yard tour and possibly a test sail on the dates of June 25th-26th. Please contact us if ownership is in your near future - you could be sailing your Gunboat 68 next summer!
Grand Large Yachting World Odyssey: This fall a fleet of sailboats sets off for the around-the-world adventure of a lifetime! Its a gathering of the various brands of Grand Large Yachting group, and one Gunboat plans to complete the entire journey while others may convene at various stages. Learn more
MultihullCup, August 28-30, 2021, Port Adriano, Mallorca, Spain: The ultra fun, ultra competitive Multihull Cup draws repeat entries and continues to grow each year! 

Block Island Race Week, June 21st-25th in Block Island, MA, USA: It's looking like a showdown between two Gunboat 55s JAMMY and THIRST, but they're ready to rumble and there's still time to register! Event sponsored by Margaritaville, competition to win the party may also be tight.

Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard, August 13-15, Newport, RI, USA: Inaugural year and open to multihulls, here's a new one to watch on our home turf! Let's get the word out.

Gunboat Brokerage

The desire for adventure and fast sailing on an epically stylish cat is very much in evidence with the recent closing of 4 sales, and a fifth under contract!  Discover a few reasons people are entrusting us with the sale and purchase of their Gunboats.
Gunboat 48 OHANA
Gunboat 57 VAIVAI
Gunboat 62 TRIBE
Photos: Gunboat 68 Highland Fling sporting new, custom exterior helm stations! The 68 is a flexible platform we have future-proofed to facilitate custom refits for the next owners. Every Gunboat 68 owner has the ability to set the cursor exactly where they want it, with the confidence that the yacht was fundamentally designed for their purpose. Gunboat 48 Ohana, formerly Cream, sets off for Newport RI for a refit utilizing top experts within the Gunboat network. She joins VaiVai and Tribe already at NSY with respective commissioning and refits underway!
Gunboat Brokerage is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive service and deep knowledge of our yachts to current and potential future owners.KNOWLEDGE: Our brokerage team uniquely understands all aspects of owning and operating a performance multihull. PASSION: We love what we do and your passion is our passion! INTEGRITY: Operating openly and transparently we have a genuine interest in ensuring we find the right boat for each clients needs. If you're considering Gunboat ownership don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with us, we live for it!  Learn more

Spotlight on Adventure

One way to avoid the heat is to head North, way North. Gunboat 66 Moondoggie reports from the Pacific Northwest!
Spectacular sights to see if you're brave enough to gear up and cruise beyond the palm tree zones!"Dodging bergie-bits" and "Blue ice for making 17,000 year old glacial ice martinis." : Bruce / Moondoggie
Throughout the Gunboat community, its great to be Going Places! Gunboat 68 SeaTilt sailing footage and more at our YouTube channel