The Newport Scene

Newport, RI, USA

It's that time of the year again in Newport - Gunboats seem to be everywhere! From the 48 to the 90, seven different Gunboat series can be spotted in the area, enjoying fantastic fall sailing conditions and getting ready for their next adventures South.

Newport has long been the organic US home of Gunboat, as the hub of New England sailing, and as a community of marine specialty subcontractors who know these boats inside and out.




Gunboat 90 TIGERLILY TOO emerging from an incredible refit. Gunboat 62 TRIBE, the first Gunboat ever built, looks as jaw-dropping as ever.



Our office is in the heart of it all - at Newport Shipyard - where we can count on their familiarity with our boats and subcontractors who are highly experienced with Gunboat refits.



Gunboat 57 VAIVAI cruising past our top corner office at NSY



Gunboat 62 MACH SCHNELL - Sometimes a boat stops by the office!



Gunboat 48 MALOLO in the NSY shed for a refit!


This year, 5 preowned Gunboats changed hands, and three of them wanted to make some immediate personal changes and upgrades. Advising buyers on their options and bringing their unique visions to life is a process we're deeply committed to. We provide real experience, background knowledge, and projections that enable prospective buyers to make educated decisions, with confidence.



Spike Abram, Gunboat Brokerage Manager, has spent over 10 years specializing in this sector. "When an owner conveys a vision, we help set them up for success. Its a process, from asking the right questions to offering historical and fleet info, helping them understand refit budgets and running costs, and connecting them up with the right marine technicians and project managers should they wish to schedule servicing or make some changes."

"Experience does matter when you're talking about these yachts. With TRIBE's and MALOLO’s recent refits, we knew exactly what was possible within budget constraints, timeframes, and what would work well from a practical and resale standpoint. But beyond that, this specific sailing experience has been our life for over a decade and I wouldn't trade it for anything! We had the boat dialed in to suit our preferences and interests, in a close network with the Gunboat community, and now I help others on the path to the same."




Two Gunboat 66s, PHAEDO & SLIM, are often part of the scene on the docks of Newport Shipyard. Others roaming the area can be sighted at moorings and marinas, including Gunboat 68 DASH and Gunboat 57 VAIVAI!