Yachting World features the Greenland cruising adventures of Gunboat 68 SeaTilt

When Helen Fretter of Yachting World magazine caught wind of Gunboat 68 SeaTilt's expedition to Greenland, she connected with the Captain Sebastian Barrett and Mate/Chef Xiara Scott to share photos and stories of what its like in a destination that, for most of us, exists beyond the borders of our imagination.

The result is a fascinating look at their approach to this trip and the particular motivations and adventures that drove them. Vicariously we go into the ice, meet the locals, and hike untouched fjords.

“We all have a new taste for the ice, and like the ever-changing landscape, Greenland has shifted the limits on what we think is possible.” Xiara Scott

Photos: Sebastian Barrett / Gunboat 68 SeaTilt

In 2023, the adventures of Sea Tilt continued south to a number of fascinating destinations that would ultimately lead them again to the ice.... via Turks & Caicos, Cuba, Mexico, Hawaii until the reached Alaska!