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Fifteen years ago, GUNBOAT set out to create the safest world cruising sailboat that could be conceived. TRIBE launched, and pioneered a new high-performance cruising catamaran segment. Leading innovation at every step with high-tech structures, breakthrough ocean-going designs, and luxurious interiors, GUNBOATs maintain superior safety margins while engineered to round-the-world racing standards. The knowledge gained from six previous series and a decade of refinement and innovation continue to push us to ever improve and evolve the segment we created. GUNBOAT introduces the latest series at 65’, 72’, and 77’ to compliment the foiling G4 and the award winning GUNBOAT 55.

Gunboat owners average 250-350 miles a day offshore and typically cover over 10,000 miles a year. Gunboats are sailed continuously by their owners. For fun, a Gunboat raced the largest sailboat in the world in the TransAtlantic Race, and won. More than 2 million sea miles have been sailed by Gunboats. We’ve gotten around, and we will get you around.

Read on to learn how Gunboat does things better!


Gunboats are engineered to round-the-world racing standards. Race boats are pushed far beyond any cruising boats, yet are a fraction of the weight. All unnecessary weight is engineered out of the structures, while maintaining superior safety margins to any production cruising boat. Materials are primarily carbon and post cured epoxies. Gunboats are engineered to handle the rigors of the world’s oceans. Reliability and weight savings define every detail of every Gunboat. Furniture is cored with honeycomb, electronic bus systems are used for electrics, tanks are built in, and much of the interior is hand-finished. All saves weight, which creates better performance.

Interiors and details onboard Gunboat 60 in Annapolis, MD. Interiors and details onboard Gunboat 60 in Annapolis, MD. technology3


Indoor – Outdoor

The heart of our indoor-outdoor lifestyle is the Great Room. This main salon offers a 360 degree panoramic views from the salon seating, galley, nav, sofa, helm, and outdoor areas. Our innovative layouts reflect the way you want to live. Open and freely.

A Crew of One

Never has handling a mega-cat been so easy. Within two steps of the helm are the sail and anchor controls, as well as the nav station. The forward cockpit offers unfettered and unobstructed access for a sailing crew of one.

Skinny Waters

With rudders and daggerboards retracted, Gunboats draw less than two feet of water. Imagine the many shallow waters that are available. For sailing in shallow bays, the rudders may be partially raised, without adverse affect on steering. Imagine the shallow cruising grounds that are now open to explore.


Sea Kindly Motion

Less motion makes happier sailors. The easily driven platform accelerates and does not load up. High wing deck clearance prevents slamming. The speed, size and careful centralized weight placement delivers minimal sea-induced motion.

Work & Play

Flow is key to design. The indoor-outdoor helm opens up to the forward working cockpit. All sail and anchor controls are two steps from the helm. The aft porch is dedicated to relaxation, and if you like, sun worship. Elements of work and play are kept apart so everyone can put their worries away.


We take to the sea to be outdoors. Our boats are our shelter. Our innovative indoor-outdoor layouts deliver the feel of outdoors with protection from the elements. Salons and helm stations readily convert between indoor and outdoor to suit you.


Engineered high tech composite structures, clean minimum wet surface underbodies, and strict weight centralization combine to deliver an easily driven platform for high sustained passage-making speeds. 300 nm days are common. 400 nm days are possible.


Speed = Storm Avoidance

The ultimate safety feature is pure speed. Sail around storms. If a storm is unavoidable, safety is derived from the ability to surf sideways. With daggerboards up, the round bottom hulls will skate sideways along waves, and the long high bows offer tremendous reserve buoyancy. We believe mega catamarans are the safest platform for surviving the worst weather.

Ultimate Buoyancy

Six water-tight bulkheads, and a carbon reinforced underbody make flooding very unlikely. The composite laminate’s foam core acts as the ultimate reserve buoyancy.