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Over 15 years ago, Gunboat set out to launch the fastest, safest cruising catamaran ever conceived. When the original Gunboat launched, it pioneered a new high-performance cruising catamaran segment. With rugged high-tech structures, breakthrough ocean-going designs, and luxurious interiors, word of our work spread quickly. The knowledge gained from working with premier designers on nine different series and years of refinement and innovation push us to ever improve and evolve the market segment we created.

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5 days ago


Flashback Friday to one of the most well-loved Gunboat videos of all time! #gunboat62 #GB6202 #wipeoutSafari Wipe Out Charter ... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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As a multihull sailor and a multihull broker I just love this video that sums up why comfort and speed takes priority after trying monohulls.

Somebody!! Get my drink!!!! Why? Did it fall? No! My cocktail s finished

Check out this bad boy Jim Harris

My favorite! I love this video!!

Go Chim Chim!!!

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Catch the sailing bug in a minute and a half, with Travis Rice, Ian Walsh, Red Bull and Roam on board #gunboat48 Falcor!

Adventure storyteller/pro sailor Amory Ross kept the world living vicariously with daily feeds from this ~2500 nautical mile journey - posted on Roam and their personal pages.

What's your next adventure?!

Red Bull
Discovering uninhabited islands.
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That boat is sitting in ala wai right now. Pretty sure john john Florence is looking at buying it. It would be one hell of an upgrade from his J35

Absolutely stunning!

3 weeks ago


New photos of Gunboat 60 FAULT TOLERANT by photographer Billy Black! Click on over to the YachtWorld listing to see more details about this listing -

Interested buyers contact
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Wow wouldn’t love them lines and space? Well done!

I'm a mono- hull kind of gal, but this is very pretty.

Billy Black is the best in the world when it comes to photography!!

I think you should but her

Is this what we are buying together???

Chris Gartner Halfsies? We have to keep it at my house though 😉

Billy is good....

Alistair King Chris Wild

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"Falcor is sailing the final miles of #lines2HI and will arrive at Waikiki Beach tonight. Join Roam today (Tuesday) for a LIVE feed with Travis Rice and Ian Walsh. Get your questions ready!"⠀

Live feed today at 2:30pm PST!

Video: Reflecting on modern navigation and making it through the doldrums.

Lines to Hawaii - Day 18 - The #lines2Hi crew has encountered a variety of weather in the doldrums. First they battled a squall. Then they rode open ocean rollers some 500 miles from land in any direction with almost no wind. Now on day 18, with little wind to push them along, they consult their KVH satellite system and reflect on the original Polynesian navigators who sailed these waters using only the stars and moon. Finally they find 10 knots of wind to speed them along to Hawaii. ⠀ ⠀
Falcor is sailing the final miles of #lines2HI and will arrive at Waikiki Beach tonight. Join us Tuesday for a LIVE feed with Travis Rice and Ian Walsh. Get your questions ready!⠀
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