Ringing in the New Year with the #GunboatTop10

Happy New Year from all of us at Gunboat! Leading up to the new year we recapped some of the top moments of 2020 on social media, a tradition that brings about a lot of joy and inspiration even in the most challenging of years. Here's the countdown:
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Reflecting on 2020 with the #GunboatTop10...

1️⃣0️⃣ Take us into the New Year baby! Kicking it off with baby Elle's debut at the helm of Gunboat 62 TRIBE.*
Who else feels like they were born to sail?
Gunboat Brokerage Manager Spike Abram shared this video clip of his 1 yr old daughter and the internet melted down from the cuteness. A lot of people think firstly about the performance of Gunboats, and may not realize they're the perfect family cruisers for people who love to sail well! The cruising footage shared by Gunboat 62 TRIBE gives us a glimpse of anchorages in crystal clear Bahamian waters, family dinners on the aft deck, and bringing up the next generation of sailors. Moments like these are a huge part of Gunboat life. 🥰
9️⃣ Pop of Color - the paint reveal of Gunboat 6804! In October we rolled Gunboat 68 from the paint shed for the first glimpse of the jaw-dropping finish and there was a massive response from the internet. Credit goes to the Gunboat build team and our highly-skilled paint partners Naviteam for this beauty. Details at https://www.gunboat.com/6804paint/📸 Jeremy Picci
8️⃣ Blasting Along , Chasing Dreams , Wherever you want to go ... These short edits of unseen Gunboat 68 video footage went viral in 2020!
Gunboat 68 Videos
7️⃣ Three and 1/2 years covering over 34,000 blue water ocean miles! Year after year Gunboat 66 MOONDOGGIE epitomizes the world cruising lifestyle, rolling with the punches and exploring wherever the wind can take them. Grenadines —> Columbia —> Panama —> Nuka Hiva, Marquesas —> Tuamotos —> Papeete, Tahiti —> Hawaii —> San Francisco —> San Diego... Lockdown for 4 weeks at anchor staring at an island paradise, changing course and rerouting to the US, with new plans for Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska - It's all pretty dreamy from where we're sitting! Revising plans is part of life’s great adventure. Sail on, Doggies

6️⃣ Gunboat 60 ARETHUSA cheering on American Magic alongside the PRADA America’s Cup World Series in Auckland!

Arethusa is sporting significant upgrades, having made good use of downtime earlier in 2020 (in Newport RI) to complete the conversion from swing centerboards to straight daggerboards that are several feet longer. As a result she’s much faster, more responsive and floats much higher. Their first impression sailing with the new boards? “Fantastic – on the first sail the boat jumped out of the water and was quickly going ‘wind speed+’ on our first 5 minutes of the sea trials (18 knots in 15 knots of breeze).” We’ll hear more as their adventures in New Zealand continue, VIP spectating the Cup races with as much cruising as possible between events.
5️⃣ Nature puts on a show for ZENYATTA! About 100 miles east of New York at the Hudson Canyon, this Gunboat 62 encountered the experience of a lifetime observing whales, hundreds of dolphins, and thousands of sea birds! Here’s a glimpse of the most enchanting, surreal offshore passage of 2020. Troy Scott & Carl Facer
4️⃣ Thinking BIGGER. Announcing the Gunboat 80! Making great use of "found" time, lockdown brought about the next new design to expand our range. Check out the latest collaboration between Gunboat, VPLP, and Christophe Chedal Anglay at www.gunboat.com/gunboat80. Contact sales@gunboat.com to request a full presentation of specifications, layouts and options.
3️⃣ Cruising on CONDOR in St Tropez during Les Voiles The Gunboat team together with Loick Peyron enjoyed a few days of sailing in the area with prospective clients and journalists, amongst the gathering of big monohull racers and stunning classics racing in Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. This and other world-class events in Europe will begin to include multihulls in the coming year! A closer look at Gunboat 68 CONDOR sailing and spectating in style at www.gunboat.com/lvdst2020📸 Gilles Martin-Raget & Rosalie Chevalley
Gunboat 68 LVDST - Loick Peyron - William Jelbert
Gunboat 68 Cruising Day Saint Tropez
Gunboat 68 Saint Tropez Gilles Martin-Raget
2️⃣ The ”VELA" series - John John Florence and his Parallel Sea Productions dropped this truly epic sailing series at a time when we all needed an adventure! In some of the best cinematography out there, John and crew take us along for the ride from Oahu to the Northern Line Islands, including an exclusive look at the pristine ecosystem of Palmyra. 2500 nautical miles with your best buds... there's no debate, it's about the destination and the journey. "For us all to be that far away from home in the middle of nowhere ... I think I'll continue searching for that feeling for the rest of my life.": John John Florence / Parallel Sea Production with YETI & Outside TV
Watch the series on YouTube
1️⃣ The absolute highlight of 2020 was celebrating the launch and sailing together on the newest Gunboat 68, and delivering on our promises in spite of everything 2020 wanted to throw at us. It gives us great satisfaction to see SeaTilt adding chapters of family cruising to their decorated sailing story!  www.gunboat.com/6803launchstory
Guilain Grenier / Gilles Martin-Raget
Here's to making the most of 2021 and writing new exciting plans - in pencil, but with the fervent spirit of adventure and adaptability of diehard sailors.
Onward - Blasting into 2021!