Adventuring Beyond with SeaTilt

When a race family goes cruising

Sailing is a sport, a passion and a lifestyle. And while palm tree destinations are most commonly associated with our vision of cruising the world, some of the most remarkable experiences are found by pushing to greater extremes – further north, further south, shallower waters, greater distances. The owners of SeaTilt came to Gunboat with this vision, for a semi-custom cat with the quality, performance, and comfort they could count on to take them on the ultimate adventure. 

“Sometimes when you're lucky enough, life presents itself with opportunities that take you into the realm of the unknown.” – Xiara Scott

Sub Zero Sailing

In Gunboat 68’s first year on the water, they cruised Europe, the Caribbean, New England and then headed for the mountains for a change – in Greenland! They studied ice charts and brought a professional mountain guide to pave their own once in a lifetime sailing and hiking expedition.  Read the article at YachtingWorld.com Sailing to Greenland: an unforgettable catamaran journey through iceberg-studded fjords.

Journeys as exciting as the destinations

Getting from one place to another is pure enjoyment! Performance sailing blends with the luxury of contemporary living for a sailing lifestyle that feels truly iconic. 

“From Nova Scotia along the southern coast of Newfoundland, up to St Johns and around Conception Bay, we had excellent broad reaching conditions and varying wind speeds. There were light air days with the A2 and full main, and a few heavier days where you’re just trying to slow the boat down, but pretty much perfect Gunboat angles all the way up to Greenland. Even though weather windows were so short to get up there, being on a boat where we can average 15-18 knots makes passage planning a lot easier and presents more options as we are able to speed up or slow down when we need to. So, if we’ve got a 600-mile passage to cover and only 3 days to do it…”.

Captain Sebastian Barrett smiled as he described passage making on the Gunboat 68 from Nova Scotia to Greenland. Long passages are a pure sailing opportunity on a Gunboat, not just a delivery. On SeaTilt, the captain and owner schedule some of these as the main event - double-handed, offshore sailing adventures!

Never stop exploring

Wild and rugged, Alaska inspired SeaTilt’s passengers at every turn! The Alaskan summer presented an abundance of active wildlife and dramatic landscapes and conditions, an impressive “untamable force” and a privilege to experience.

“There are moments in life where words fall short of the astonishing creations of nature.” - Xiara Scott abord SeaTilt in Alaska.

On their quest to explore unique destinations, SeaTilt also cruised the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Hawaii and other islands where they found plenty of warm, sunny paradise along the way. And it's not over yet… The adventure continues, and as summer approaches we anticipate seeing this Gunboat again surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and snowcapped peaks as they continue their unique and epic adventure!

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