Where the Magic Happens – An Aerial look at the Gunboat Factory

The Gunboat factory has been bustling with productivity ahead of a highly anticipated moment - we'll be launching another spectacular Gunboat 68 from our factory NEXT WEEK!

This short video below sets the stage for the upcoming events and gives a sense of our location in La Grande-Motte, France - something we realize is very special. The new facilities seen here were completed in March of 2018. While the main objective is to support our build team in delivering the highest quality builds, at the same time, the factory is accessible to owners and a joy to visit.

Learn more about the Gunboat 68 series and follow along as we begin to debut Gunboat 6803!

Drone footage from May 29, 2020 captures the Gunboat factory in the idyllic sailing mecca of La Grande-Motte, France. In this video, Gunboat 6803 is featured on the day she moved from the paint booth back into the main assembly area for final finish.