The Gunboat 68 is the culmination of over 15 years of development within the fleet. It honors the past while boldly moving into the future. A dream team of designers has developed the platform with close coordination from the existing owners and crew, as well as industry insiders. The core design team includes VPLP design and interior/exterior stylist Christophe Chedal Anglay and Patrick le Quément.

Construction and Design

The lightweight, all-carbon composite construction of the Gunboat 68 is the foundation of this robust platform that is capable of handling a wide variety of conditions encountered when offshore sailing. The design features long, high-aspect straight daggerboards, retractable rudders and wave piercing bows. The mast located further aft combined with an increased beam offers a higher safety margin and increased performance. All of these design decisions are made with aesthetics, performance and utmost safety in mind.

Luxury Interior

Interior Layout Options
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The disciplined focus on lightweight performance design does not stop at the exterior. The Gunboat 68 interior combines high-end design and excellent flexibility using lightweight technology, and offers four, five, and six-cabin layouts. The forms of the interior reflect the iconic pure curves of the hull structure and the unique spirit of a Gunboat. The choice of materials optimizes the feel of light and space – creating uncluttered spaces with ergonomics and practicality at the forefront.

Performance & Options

Customizable Bridgedeck Furniture
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Owners have a wide variety of options to choose from, not only with the cabin layouts but also to ‘turbo’ the standard design. Selecting options that increase sail area, minimize weight and offer efficient sail handling solutions will give this performance catamaran that extra edge. Modifications can be made to the rig, daggerboards, deck layout, sailing systems and interior layout. Demountable furniture in the salon and aft cockpit can be moved, linked and locked in place to allow you to modify the bridgedeck interior layout quickly and easily for cruise, race, cocktail party, dinner or lounge modes. Luxury without compromise! Contact and talk with us today about building your dream Gunboat.


LOA 20.75 m 68.0 ft
LWL 20.75 m 68.0 ft
BOA 9.1 m 29.9 ft
Draft Board Down 4.1 m 13.45 ft
Draft Board Up 1.2 m 3.9 ft
Mast Length (Standard) 25 m 82.0 ft
Mast Length (Regatta Rig Option) 29 m 95.1 ft
Displacement (As per Standard Specifications) 17,800 kg 39,242 lbs
Displacement Max Load 23,800 kg 52,470 lbs
Bridge Deck Clearance (full load) 1.0 m 3.3 ft
Fuel Capacity 2 x 378 L 2 x 100 gal
Water Capacity 2 x 378 L 2 x 100 gal
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