Boldly moving into the future

Fast, technologically advanced, and elegantly designed, The Gunboat 68 is the culmination of development within the fleet since the first Gunboat launched in 2002.  Incorporating the best of what has come before with experienced boatbuilding and valuable industry partnerships, the Gunboat 68 is a step-change in the evolution of the brand.

Life is too short to sail a slow boat

Enter the steadfast ambition that sparked Gunboat: applying proven, Grand Prix race boat building and sailing performance technology to what is at its core, an optimized world-cruising sailing yacht. The Gunboat 68 was designed and engineered with aesthetics, performance, and utmost safety in mind for extended bluewater cruising. Lightweight, all-carbon composite construction is the foundation of this robust platform, designed to be highly capable of handling a wide variety of conditions encountered when offshore sailing, and an absolute pleasure to sail in the entire range of conditions.

Whether you plan to sail over the horizon on a global cruise or take line honors at regattas, the Gunboat 68 will get you there in speed, comfort and style. Owning a Gunboat is more than owning a yacht – it’s choosing a lifestyle.

The new reference in luxury, performance catamarans

The Design Parameters were driven by the heritage and trailblazing nature of Gunboat – to make no compromise on performance, luxury, equipment, and comfort on a platform conceived for safe, fast world-cruising. The stunning exterior lines exude speed. The luxurious interior delivers true comfort and refined style; Clean, modern, and purposeful design, at the same time with real luxury embodied in her every aspect. Systems were engineered to be accessible and require minimal maintenance. Semi-customizable layouts and well-thought-out options deliver versatility and personalize each Gunboat 68 to reflect the individuality of her owner. Ultimately, evolutions in the new design merely enhance the core Gunboat DNA: practical, lightweight, high-performance, and ready to sail the globe.

This latest Gunboat model evolved through a close design loop between Gunboat, VPLP, Patrick Le Quément, and Christophe Chedal Anglay – collaborating with owners and crew, industry experts, and with unique contributions from the French offshore racing and aviation communities.



Process, Quality, Accountability

The steadfast ambition that sparked Gunboat – applying proven, Grand Prix race boat building and sailing performance technology to what is at its core, a highly-capable, world cruising boat – realized by an experienced, dedicated team working in top facilities.

– Engineering by VPLP, the “fastest naval architects in the world”, and uniquely the foremost offshore racing as well as cruising multihull designers;
– Built by Gunboat in La Grande-Motte, France, operating with the experience and mentality of a race boat campaign, focused on strength and weight;
– Top-quality materials that are best suited for every application of the build: Epoxy resin, carbon, corecell foam, and nomex honeycomb to name a few;
– Processes that match each given material and location it is implemented; such as thermoforming the core, infusing the hull, and the application of vacuum wetpreg for some components and full prepreg for the interior bulkheads;
– Assembly in our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled factory, using the very best adhesives and resins from the top suppliers; maintaining a clean, dust-free yard with European safety and environmental standards.

The Interior

Luxury and aesthetics, designed to the detail.

The Gunboat 68 interior combines high-end design, ultra-lightweight construction, and the options of four-, five-, and six-cabin layouts. The forms of the interior reflect the iconic pure curves of the hull structure and the unique spirit of a Gunboat. The choice of materials optimizes the feel of light and space – creating uncluttered spaces with ergonomics and practicality at the forefront.

“We’ll have done a good job if nobody notices.” – Christophe Chedal Anglay

Quality materials further enhance the feel of light and space, with ergonomics and practicality at the forefront. Space was maximized for usable storage and comfortable headroom. Recessed lighting, air conditioning that surrounds the bed in slow-moving cool air, upholstery panels that absorb sound. Optimized sightlines and natural light, an ocean view from every cabin. Comforts you will feel and organically enjoy were thoughtfully designed, to the detail.

Performance & Options

Owners have a wide variety of options to choose from, not only with the cabin layouts but also to ‘turbo’ the standard design. Selecting options that increase sail area, minimize weight and offer efficient sail handling solutions will give this performance catamaran that extra edge. Modifications can be made to the rig, daggerboards, deck layout, sailing systems, and interior layout. Demountable furniture in the salon and aft cockpit can be moved, linked and locked in place to allow you to modify the bridgedeck interior layout quickly and easily for cruise, race, cocktail party, or lounge modes. Luxury without compromise…

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Customizable Bridgedeck Furniture
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LOA 20.75 m 68.0 ft
LWL 20.75 m 68.0 ft
BOA 9.1 m 29.9 ft
Draft Board Down 3.76 m 9.84 ft
Draft Board Up 1.2 m 3.9 ft
Mast Clearance 27.5 m 90.2 ft
Mast Length 25 m 82 ft
Displacement (As per Standard Specifications) 17,800 kg 39,242 lbs
Displacement Max Load 23,800 kg 52,470 lbs
Bridge Deck Clearance (Mid load) 1.0 m 3.3 ft
Fuel Capacity 2 x 378 L 2 x 100 gal
Water Capacity 2 x 378 L 2 x 100 gal



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Newport, RI 02840

726 Avenue Robert
Fages, 34280 La Grande-Motte


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