Build News – Gunboat 80, 72V & 68

La Grande-Motte, France

The factory is bustling with two 68’s, the first 72V and two Gunboat 80’s currently in construction, and an expansion of our facilities!

We've opened the doors of the new Gunboat 80 building for the arrival of hull and bulkhead components from Fibre Mechanics, Decision, and Multiplast. The Gunboat 80 features all prepreg carbon fiber construction, leveraging industry expertise to build lighter, stronger and faster.

Construction of the first Gunboat 72V progresses to systems and tanks, and the volume of the 72V provides a little more elbow room for the installation team.
The 72V features the same all-carbon construction as the Gunboat 68, as detailed in our technical boatbuilding series.

For Gunboat 6806, the deck and coachroof sit ready to be bonded to the hulls once systems installation is complete. In the meantime, impressive in its own right, the structure is admired by staff and visitors alike.

More news to follow as we continue to move full speed ahead on all of our builds, including the upcoming launch of Gunboat 6805!

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