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Two Gunboat 80s sold and in production! Build updates on the first 72, 6805 and 6806, and more updates from Gunboat headquarters.

Gunboat News: Building Adventures

Here at Gunboat headquarters, there’s been a flurry of action since we released two new designs over the summer, with boats sold and production underway on all three series!

GUNBOAT 80: Two 80’s are sold and in build! As seen in our first build update, prepreg carbon fiber construction sets the 80 on track to be truly exceptional, while delivering the highest quality and efficient build time for yachts in her class (including custom). Gunboat is leveraging industry expertise and advanced technologies from 3rd parties for certain components, which we’ll integrate into the build at our factory in La Grande-Motte, France.
: An impressive amount of prepreg carbon fiber taking shape for Gunboat 8001. Photo by Fibre Mechanics, collaborator on large sections of the hull.

GUNBOAT 72V: All carbon construction in female molds, the super smooth hulls of the first 72V have been hatched at the Gunboat factory, where we specialize in large carbon fiber infusions. The 72 is a new concept, inviting discerning sailors who want an emphasized range of cruising features to join the fleet!

GUNBOAT 68: The metamorphosis of 6805 nears completion, emerging from the paint booth in color next week, and launching in February of 2022!  6806 is de-molded, bulkheads are in, the deck is in construction, and owner options are in discussion ahead of the fit-out.
The order book is filling in quickly. If you're entertaining plans to set sail on a newly built Gunboat in the next few years, it’s time to talk!!

From the Newport Office

From our office window and all around town, from the 48 to the 90, seven different Gunboat series can be spotted in the area, enjoying fantastic fall sailing conditions and getting ready for their next adventures South.
Gunboat 62 TRIBE
Gunboat 57 VAIVAI
Gunboat 66 PHAEDO
Newport RI is the US hub of Gunboat activity, amidst a community of facilities and marine specialty subcontractors who know these boats inside and out.Our team is here to support owners - existing and future - achieve their vision for sailing. It is also our intention to reinstate events and invite the fleet together this year, starting with the annual Gunboat rally at the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival (pandemic circumstances allowing). Contact sales@gunboat.com to express interest as a current owner or to start exploring brokerage listings that could get you there in time!  See more photos of "The Newport Scene".
CHARTER: Gunboat 66 GAIA

Fleet News

Word on the street is that the three Gunboat 68s in the Med this summer caused sore necks to a lot of onlookers, craning to watch them in action looking fast and fun, and downright sexy! HIGHLAND FLING 17 joined the growing multihull scene in European regattas. SEA TILT incited envy in her own right as a VIP cruising yacht amongst the Grand Prix foiling scene at GC32 Worlds in Sardinia, as did TOSCA spectating Les Voiles de St Tropez. The sailing scene was booming again and the vibe was electric. We appreciate the comments that poured in from those who had their first opportunity to see the Gunboat 68 in her natural habitat.
: Sailing Energy
Enchanting footage of 6804 sailing off the coast of France, by Robin Christol & B&G, edit by Gunboat. See more at our YouTube channel.

Boot Düsseldorf

Hall 16 / A57, boot Düsseldorf, Germany, January 22-30, 2022: Meet with the Gunboat team on-site at the world's largest yachting show. While it's always a head-scratcher to see the entire industry amongst the snow and ice in January, we love being part of this impressive event and can't wait to connect with clients and industry partners in Düsseldorf! In addition, we continue to invite prospective owners for factory visits in La Grande-Motte France. 
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